United Steelworkers endorse Abbie Smith for Mayor

The United Steelworkers announced their choice for Mayor for the City of Kokomo.  David Tocco, President of Local 2958 of the United Steelworkers made the following announcement. “our Executive Board took their time checking the position of both candidates in the upcoming Mayor’s race. We have listened to the candidates, looked at what they have done in their careers to benefit Kokomo and what their plan for the future of Kokomo is, after this evaluation, there was one clear choice and that was Smith for Mayor” Local 2958 represents the workers at Haynes International, Indiana Water Company and ADI Screen Printing here in Kokomo.

In reviewing the candidate’s records here is what we learned.  In 2018, the American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME) presented an Ordinance for consideration the Howard County Commissioners.  This Ordinance was a framework to be adopted recognizing that if employees of Howard County ever choose to become union, a law would be in place to govern the process.  Much like the National Labor Relations Act for private sector employees, and the Ordinance in place for City of Kokomo employees. Commissioners rejected the proposed Ordinance.  However, Mr. Moore, took it a step further. His comment, which are embedded in the Commissioner meeting minutes, explained his view on public sector employees right to a voice in the workplace.  Mr. Moore stated “public employees are not for profit, I don’t even know how you would budget for that” in rejecting the Ordinance, “Mr. Moore’s clear and unambiguous statement that public employees should not have a right to belong to a union was very telling and a key point in our Executive Boards decision to endorse Smith” said Tocco.

 Additionally, while others argued against taxes and even took steps to reduce taxes on citizens, Mr. Moore supported an increase in the County Option Income Tax (COIT) which has a direct impact on member’s payroll taxes.

Mr. Moore appears to be a part of the good ole boys club who is satisfied to ‘go along to get along’, Kokomo needs a leader, and we believe Smith is that leader” said Tocco.


(for additional information, please contact David Tocco, President, United Steelworkers at 452-4367)

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