Mandy Cheng Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Mandy Cheng Endorses Abbie Smith For Mayor

“I’m a designer living in LA, but I’m from Indiana and have been friends with Abbie since I was 13. I’ve volunteered my skills for Abbie’s campaign because I believe with all my heart that if Kokomo is looking for a mayor that is capable, honest, effective, driven, and genuine to the core, I can attest as well as any of her other close friends that Abbie is that person.

I know that Abbie will always make the right choice, stand up for those that don’t feel they have a voice, and put in the hard work so that Kokomo is the best city it can be. I know this because these have been steadfast traits of Abbie since the day we met. Being a Chinese-American girl in a school where the only other Chinese person was my older brother, I experienced a lot of bullying and racism, especially during junior high. It was around this time that I met Abbie and her friendship was life-changing for me. She stood up to the bullying, was my voice when I didn’t have one, and did whatever she could to help me. This is all while juggling being a kid herself, a 13 year old just trying to deal with her own pressures. None of this is about the charade of politics or the prestige of a title, it’s ONLY about doing what is best and right for you and everyone. Because that’s what she cares about. It’s all she cares about.” 

For additional information on this endorsement, please visit, call 765-450-9391 or email

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