Bad Landlords

Dear Editor,  Last weekend while out canvassing, I visited with a grandmother of 3 who served our country in the Navy. With the Temptations playing in the background, she shared her concerns for her grandsons and the community. One of the boys came up and asked, “can you help us?”  Continue reading

Disappointed in Cartoon

Dear Kokomo Perspective Editor, I was disappointed with your decision to run the ‘Kokomo Dog Days’ cartoon in your publication on August 14th. Sterling Clark’s cartoon was inappropriate and I found it to be offensive. The only two things that it got right were: Continue reading

Let’s Elevate our Discussion

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to your article published on August 17th regarding State Representative Mike Karickhoff’s speech at the Greater Kokomo Chamber of Commerce Business Matters Luncheon on Civility in Public Discourse. I completely agree with Jon Meacham’s sentiments shared by Rep. Karickhoff. He is absolutely right in stating “the solution starts with every single one of you; personally and individually.” Continue reading

Use Your Vote as Your Voice

I recently met a 73 year old man who will be voting for the very first time in his life on Nov 5th. I was so excited for him, but I did ask why he’d never voted before this election. He said he just never felt his voice mattered in government… until Mayor Pete. Continue reading

Public Safety

Dear Editor, We are consistently missing the heart of the matter when discussing public safety and sworn police officers in our city. As I shared in the primary candidate forum held on April 18th, my coffee club video series published on April 21st, and in the primary Kokomo Tribune Candidate Questionnaire published on May 5th, public safety is a much broader and more complicated issue than we are currently discussing. Without including increased tactical and technical training, leadership training, technology, equipment, and mental health care, the number of officers is just a number.  Continue reading