Annie Lightsey Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

"I first met Abbie Smith several years ago when she contacted me about hosting a team building event for the United Way. She wanted her team to connect with one another and she wanted them to engage in the creative process as a way to bring them closer together as a group. I was immediately impressed by her style of leadership as I watched her empower and encourage her team to reach past their comfort zones and move into areas of true growth and connection. Over the years, I have observed the way she has tirelessly served our community, whether in response to the disasters our city faced from tornado damage to assisting those who struggled financially because of economic crisis. 

"Regardless of the circumstances, I have witnessed how Abbie continues to respond with compassion, creativity, and the ability to empower and encourage. When she announced her decision to run for mayor of Kokomo, I was delighted. I can think of no other person more qualified to lead our city and build upon our strengths as a community. It's what she does best. I am excited to be casting my vote for Abbie Smith, our next mayor of Kokomo." - Annie Lightsey

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