How to be an Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

"Too many voices have been left out of the political process for too long. I want to ensure my campaign is all about the people of Kokomo - ALL the people of Kokomo." - Abbie Smith

10 ways to be an LGBTQ+ ally

  1. Never assume. Assuming someone’s sexuality or misgendering can lead to LGBTQ+ people feeling as though they do not belong or should change.
  2. Come to terms with any possible prejudices you may have. Allow yourself to admit any judgments you may have against LGBTQ+ people and then educate yourself in order to gain a clearer understanding in order to erase any negative preconceived notions.
  3. Listen. Be open to hearing what LGBTQ+ people have to say and provide a supportive, understanding ear.
  4. Speak up. Do not be afraid to stand up against discrimination and show your support for the community. Work to create a better, more accepting world.
  5. Assure, then reassure. Make sure to tell people who have come out to you that the way you feel about them remains the same and you accept them no matter what.
  6. Never make anti-LGBTQ+ comments or jokes. This is extremely harmful and can be detrimental. Avoid derogatory language or offensive “jokes”.
  7. Inclusion is key. Don’t stop the invites and make sure members of the LGBTQ+ community always feel accepted in your presence.
  8. Use signals. Do something as simple as adding an LGBTQ+ banner to your profile picture or as significant as attending Pride Festival. This shows your friends and people around you that they can trust and confide in you free of judgment.
  9. Make conscious decisions based on your support. Avoid supporting companies who use their funds to back anti-LGBTQ+ organizations.
  10. Remember to always respect everyone. Regardless of someone’s sexual or gender orientation, they are humans and deserve kindness, dignity, and respect.


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