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  • zack spyker
    commented 2019-03-11 13:39:21 -0400
    I have a few points of contention with what’s been stressed lately, so I’m curious what you will do with these 2 things 1.The housing market in kokomo seems to be moving toward building new structures, this pushes the boarders of town outward but leaves older neighborhoods underfunded for renovation. Do you plan on reversing or keeping up with that trend and how? These brings me to my next point 2. With all the annexation that has happened, the projects have became vastly behind. for instance residents living past 931 on sycamore are being charged for a sewage system that is 2 years over due, so they have been forced to maintain their own. Any ideas on how to catch up our infrastructure in these annexed locations? (I love this idea shows you care more than most)
  • Randy Mckay
    commented 2019-03-11 10:35:53 -0400
    Great idea. As a political candidate you are expected to have all the answers, yet remain open for public input. How can you avoid having to know it all, and still seek public input?