Senator Joe Donnelly Endorses Abbie

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Mandy Cheng Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Mandy Cheng Endorses Abbie Smith For Mayor “I’m a designer living in LA, but I’m from Indiana and have been friends with Abbie since I was 13. I’ve volunteered my skills for Abbie’s campaign because I believe with all my heart that if Kokomo is looking for a mayor that is capable, honest, effective, driven, and genuine to the core, I can attest as well as any of her other close friends that Abbie is that person. Continue reading

United Steelworkers endorse Abbie Smith for Mayor

The United Steelworkers announced their choice for Mayor for the City of Kokomo.  David Tocco, President of Local 2958 of the United Steelworkers made the following announcement. “our Executive Board took their time checking the position of both candidates in the upcoming Mayor’s race. We have listened to the candidates, looked at what they have done in their careers to benefit Kokomo and what their plan for the future of Kokomo is, after this evaluation, there was one clear choice and that was Smith for Mayor” Local 2958 represents the workers at Haynes International, Indiana Water Company and ADI Screen Printing here in Kokomo. Continue reading

Mayor Greg Goodnight Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

October 17th, 2019 Abbie Smith Receives Endorsement of Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight KOKOMO, IN – PRESS RELEASE –  Mayor Greg Goodnight Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor  In January of this year, I announced that I would not seek a fourth term as Mayor of Kokomo. I felt, and still do feel, that our city needs a leader that will bring fresh ideas, without all of the personal and political baggage of long-time politicians Continue reading

Stonewall Democrats Endose Abbie Smith for Mayor

Abbie Smith Receives the Stonewall Democrats Endorsement for Kokomo Mayor KOKOMO, IN – PRESS RELEASE –  Today Abbie Smith, candidate for Kokomo Mayor, announced the endorsement of her campaign by the Indiana Stonewall Democrats. Indiana Stonewall Democrats are LGBTQ+ Hoosiers and allies committed to ensuring full equality for our community by supporting candidates that prove themselves allies and legislation that improves the lives of all Hoosiers. Continue reading

AFL-CIO Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Abbie Smith Receives Local AFL-CIO Endorsement for Kokomo Mayor KOKOMO, IN – PRESS RELEASE –  Today Abbie Smith, candidate for Kokomo Mayor, announced the endorsement of her campaign by the Howard-Tipton Chapter of  AFL-CIO. Continue reading

Kyle Cline Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

"We're excited about the future and we're excited about Abbie. Abbie is a strong leader and someone who brings people together, and most importantly, she's compassionate and has a passion for this community. I haven't met anyone who's as passionate about Kokomo as Abbie. Our city would be in great hands with her leadership." Check out Kyle's full endorsement video and statement: Continue reading

DeAndra Beard Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor of Kokomo

DeAndra Beard from Bind Cafe endorses Abbie for Mayor.   "Abbie’s passion for community did not begin yesterday. Since the opening of my community focused business, Abbie has been with me- listening to, sharing about and working through some off the deepest issues that affect us all. I’m endorsing Abbie because she believes in sustainable community development. She realizes that while roads and infrastructure are a top priority, building people and our connections to each other is important too. Continue reading

Leslie Fatum Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Councilwoman Leslie Fatum Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor of Kokomo! "I'm endorsing Abbie Smith for Mayor because she is a strong compassionate leader who loves this city and wants to help to move ALL of us forward." - Leslie Fatum, Howard County Councilwoman. Watch the rest of Leslie's endorsement to hear all of her thoughts. Continue reading

Nate Stout Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Coming as no surprise Nate, Abbie's husband, endorses Abbie for Mayor. "Hi my name is Nate Stout and I'm the proud husband of Abbie Smith. She is running to be the next mayor of Kokomo. We've been married for almost 15 years and I generally couldn't be more excited that she's doing this. I know better than anyone, I can tell you that she's one of the most intelligent, creative-thinking, and compassionate people I've ever met." Check out Nate's full endorsement of Abbie by watching his video: Continue reading

Gabby Popowitz Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Gabby Popowitz, M.B.A, Lecturer in Business at IU Kokomo, endorses Abbie for Mayor. "I'm proud to support Abbie Smith for Mayor. I trust in her leadership and I trust she will be an amazing mayor!" - Gabby Popowitz. Watch all of Gabby's thoughts on why Abbie is a perfect fit for the next mayor of Kokomo in her full endorsement video: Continue reading

Annie Lightsey Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

"I first met Abbie Smith several years ago when she contacted me about hosting a team building event for the United Way. She wanted her team to connect with one another and she wanted them to engage in the creative process as a way to bring them closer together as a group. I was immediately impressed by her style of leadership as I watched her empower and encourage her team to reach past their comfort zones and move into areas of true growth and connection. Over the years, I have observed the way she has tirelessly served our community, whether in response to the disasters our city faced from tornado damage to assisting those who struggled financially because of economic crisis.  Continue reading

Natalie Guest Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

"As a mom of three kids, I want them to grow up in a safe place filled with promise and opportunity. I want a Mayor who understands the real issues we face. And just as importantly, a Mayor who has the ability to bring people together because otherwise, ideas can never become reality, no matter how good they are. Thankfully, we have Abbie Smith to vote for. Abbie has a proven record of listening and taking action to make our community a great place to live. I’m excited to vote for Abbie Smith, and I hope you’ll join me." - Natalie Guest, Center Township Board Member Continue reading

Steve Daily Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Former Mayor and Ivy Tech Chancellor Steve Daily endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor. "Hi. This is Steve Daily. I was a member of the Search Committee that recruited Abbie Smith to serve as Executive Director of the Kokomo Howard County United Way. We needed a smart, energetic, compassionate professional who could take our successful organization to the next level. Abbie Smith did just that. Now KOKOMO is searching for its next Mayor. Abbie Smith is a proven leader, with a broad vision, a willingness to listen and learn, and the ability to bring people together to solve problems and build community. Abbie Smith is the kind of person we need to lead Kokomo to the next level." - Steve Daily Continue reading

Lewis Hall Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

"Kokomo deserves Abbie Smith. Abbie will bring the skills, thoughtful planning, and desire for accountability we should require from our Mayor." - Lewis Hall Watch Lewis's full endorsement video to hear why he believes Abbie should be our next mayor of Kokomo: Continue reading