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Coffee Club 5: Back to Basics - Abbie's Plan for Kokomo's Roads

☕️☕️ In week 5's video Abbie talks about her husband Nate and her plan for the roads in our community. Check it out and be sure to sign up to join the Coffee Club email list! Continue reading

Coffee Club 4: How am I Going to Pay for All of This?

Let's talk 🤑💰💸 MONEY 💸💰🤑! Abbie addresses why their family decided to send their children to Kokomo School Corporation and if elected, how she plans to fund her ideas. Sign up to get all this info and more in your inbox every week! Continue reading

Coffee Club 3: Childhood Poverty

☕️☕️ In this video, Abbie answers how she takes her java and addresses the issue of childhood poverty in our community. Don't forget to join the coolest crew in town, the Coffee Club! Sign up now to get each video in your inbox. Continue reading

Coffee Club 2: Featuring Timber

☕️☕️ In week 2 of the Abbie for Mayor Coffee Club, Abbie introduces you to Timber and Ollie, the family dogs, and answers a housing market question from Josh. Sign up for your weekly Coffee Club email and video! Continue reading

Coffee Club 1: Welcome!

☕️☕️ Welcome to Abbie's Coffee Club, where Abbie will answer one personal and one policy question each week. Sign up to get every single week's video directly in your email so you stay up to date on what Abbie's ideas are for #OurCity! Continue reading