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Communication is Key -- Coffee Club Week 17

This week I talk about the importance of “communication” and how citizens will have a voice in local government, and a Smith Administration. Continue reading

Coffee Club 16: My Leadership Style

☕️☕️ It’s that time in the week where we remind you to sign up for the #AbbieForMayor Coffee Club! This week Abbie discusses her leadership style and an accomplishment that she is most proud of. Do you have a question you would like her to answer? Let us know by commenting! Continue reading

Coffee Club 15: Happy Father's Day!

☕️☕️ Check out week 15's Coffee Club video, featuring Abbie's dad, Denny! They also chatted about what Abbie would do on her first day as Mayor including important key staffing announcements. Check out the video, and don't forget to sign up to receive all of the new Coffee Club videos in your inbox every week! Continue reading

Coffee Club 14: A Brighter Kokomo (Literally)

☕️☕️ In this week's Coffee Club, Abbie is joined by her daughter Matilda! They discuss mental health needs in our community and lighting in Kokomo neighborhoods. Watch the video to see what Abbie and Matilda have to say, and be sure to sign up to get all of Abbie's coffee club videos directly in your inbox! Continue reading

Coffee Club 13: The Soul of Kokomo

☕️☕️ In her 14th Coffee Club video, Abbie's son Jack weighs in on some important issues, including his favorite thing about Kokomo, an experience he had on the campaign trail, and if Iron Man and Batman are basically the same! See what Jack's verdict is, and also sign up to get all of Abbie's coffee club videos to your email. Continue reading

Coffee Club 12: What Are YOU Fighting For?

☕➡🚰 In this week's Coffee Club video, Abbie discusses Memorial Day, resources for veterans, mental health, and her friend Lori. If you haven't yet, subscribe to our email list so you get all of Abbie's Coffee Club videos as soon as they're available! Continue reading

Coffee Club 11: Volunteering 101

☕️☕️ In this video, Abbie answers a question from the campaign trail ("What type of car do you drive?") and talks details about campaign volunteers! 🤝 Get the Coffee Club videos delivered right to your inbox by clicking on this link.       Continue reading

Coffee Club 10: 79% of Single Mothers Live in Poverty

☕️☕️ In this week's video, Abbie chats about mothers and Mother's Day. One key point she mentions is that "79% of single mothers in Howard County live below or at the poverty line." Watch to see how Abbie would begin to address this issue in our community.   Continue reading