AFL-CIO Endorses Abbie Smith for Mayor

Abbie Smith Receives Local AFL-CIO Endorsement for Kokomo Mayor

KOKOMO, IN – PRESS RELEASE –  Today Abbie Smith, candidate for Kokomo Mayor, announced the endorsement of her campaign by the Howard-Tipton Chapter of  AFL-CIO.

The chapter believes Abbie Smith is the best person to support in this coming election. She understands the concerns and needs of working families and without hesitation supports their right to organize and bargain for working conditions.  

“I whole-heartedly support workers’ right to organize, and I will fight to protect it. There is no doubt in my mind that working people win when they have the right and ability to organize,” said Smith. “Union members are empowered to earn higher wages, have better benefits and safer working conditions.

“It is an honor to receive this endorsement, and I will continue fighting for working families as the next Mayor of Kokomo,” continued Smith. “Union apprenticeship programs are proven pathways to good-paying jobs. As we mobilize to adapt and skilling up our workforce for the future, unions are the obvious strategic partner to get that done.”


For additional information on this endorsement and the campaign, please visit, call 765-450-9391 or email

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